These Are The Top 7 Beauty Secrets Of Using Coconut Oil

Although coconut oil is known to have increased levels of saturated fat it can still be beneficial for our health. For example, according to this study, coconut oil helps in the improvement of the cognitive status, especially for those who suffer from mild Alzheimer’s disease. This claim is supported by the fact that medium-chain fatty acids, which are found in coconut oil, can turn into ketones after the oil has been absorbed by the liver. Ketones are added sources of energy for the brain, thus helping in the improvement of memory ability which is reduced because of Alzheimer’s disease, we learn from this study.

Anyways, we will mention some benefits in beauty terms which come as a result of coconut oil usage:

1- Massage oil

source: pixabay

When mixed with other oils like peppermint, coconut oil is the perfect choice for a calming massage by your partner. First off, you should warm it and then mix it with the other oil which may also be lavender and apply it warm on the skin.

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