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    10 Spiders Tiny Paws That May Change The Way You Look At Them

    Aren’t spiders just adorable? Well ok, in most cases they’re bloody terrifying, but that image might change when you take a closer look. As close as to where their feet should be, where you’ll find that they have…paws! In more scientific terms, a spider’s “paw” is called a tarsus, and it’s only one of eight […]

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    5 Proven (!) Ways to Add Years to Your Life

    How can you increase your life expectancy? The five healthy low-risk lifestyle factors that can add years to your life are: eating a healthy diet, never smoking, regular moderate-to-vigorous exercise, moderate alcohol consumption and maintaining a healthy body weight. Each low-risk factor significantly reduced the risk of dying from all causes, including cancer and cardiovascular […]

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    10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul

    Does your partner seem “wise beyond their years”? If so, you may be in a relationship with an old soul… An old soul can make for an incredible partner in a relationship. Their perspective is profound, and the way they conduct their life can make you fall deeply in love with them. However, it is very […]

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    11 signs your man is tired of you

    He used to be very cheerful with you, but he is not any more?This is an alarm signal. The easiest way to make a girl happy here and now is to make her laugh. If he is not trying to make you laugh, it means that he loses his interest to you. There are more […]

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    Pain is your body’s way of getting your attention when something isn’t right, but many of us don’t always stop to listen. There are certain pains that women shouldn’t ignore, especially pains in the breasts or painful periods. Even smaller issues like fatigue, shortness of breath, or blood in your urine can indicate larger problems. Women […]

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    These Are The Top 7 Beauty Secrets Of Using Coconut Oil

    Although coconut oil is known to have increased levels of saturated fat it can still be beneficial for our health. For example, according to this study, coconut oil helps in the improvement of the cognitive status, especially for those who suffer from mild Alzheimer’s disease. This claim is supported by the fact that medium-chain fatty acids, […]

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    16 Hearty Delicious Breakfast Recipes That Will Help You Stick To Your Diet

    The breakfast significantly affects your body weight and can help you lose your extra pounds. Therefore, the following 16 recipes are abundant in fiber, protein, and other important nutrients that will boost your health and help you lose weight. 1- Roasted Veggies With Easy Fried Egg  You can consume this meal whenever you like during the […]

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    10 Unexpected Things Coffee Drinkers Would Probability Like To Know

    If you drink coffee every morning, you are one of the billions of coffee fans around the world. More than 2.25 billion coffee cups are consumed every day which proves how popular it is. Do you know a lot about this caffeinated beverage? We wants to share some interesting facts about one of the most popular drinks of all time. And at the end of the […]

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    These are the New Sleep Times According to the National Sleep Foundation

    Sleep plays an important role in your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. What happens while you’re sleeping affect the way you feel when you are awake. The quality of sleep is very important for you. During sleep, your body works to maintain your physical health and support healthy brain function. Sleep […]

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