6 Beautifull Common Plants That Keep Mosquitoes At Bay by Working as a Natural Repellent

There is nothing worse than sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather and view of your great backyard only to be eaten alive by mosquitoes.

These pesky insects have a way of ruining a perfectly good time. Not only do they buzz in your ear and fly around you, they actually suck your blood. Once you get a mosquito bite you are left scratching the area and looking like a crazy person because of all the itching.

Of course, there are numerous sprays and repellents that you can use in order to help keep these bugs away. However, most of these sprays simply do not smell the best and who really wants to spray those chemicals on their body anyway?

The good news is that with some simple landscape planning you can repel mosquitoes naturally. There are several gorgeous plants that you can put around your yard in order to keep mosquitoes away.

1. Basil

Not only is basil great for repelling mosquitoes, it also repels flies. You can keep this in your window sill, on your deck or wherever you have space. It is an easy herb to grow and it smells great. One of the best things about growing basil is not only does it work as a mosquito repellent, it is also great for adding to many dishes in your kitchen.

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