5 Proven (!) Ways to Add Years to Your Life

4. Drink alcohol moderately

Unlike smoking, which you should do none of, moderately drinking alcohol fits in with these five healthy habits to add years to your life. I’m not too surprised. The compounds in red wine, for instance, help protect the heart and may even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. (3) Plus, if you’re willing, drinking organic wine carries even more protective effects.

And with loneliness just as hazardous to our health as obesity, catching up with friends for a beer and banter can help maintain friendships.

Of course, keeping the drinking at safe, healthy levels is key here. For women and men older than 65, that means one drink a day. For men younger than 65, that’s two drinks. (4) If you’re having mixed drinks, opt for low-sugar mixing options, like soda water or 100-percent fruit juice.

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