4 Most Common Heart Diseases: Symptoms and Measures to Prevent Them

If 100 people die in this year, 31 of them die as a result of diseases related to the heart, according to WHO. Heart diseases, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), are one of the most common diseases with death as a consequence. Some of the most influential factors in the development of a heart-related disease for a person are poor physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption as well as a poor eating habit. Heart attack and stroke are the two main deadly CVD which are responsible for 80% of all deaths from heart-related diseases. Further, we will list some of the most common CVD and their corresponding symptoms.

1- Heart valve disease

source: OttawaHeartInstitute

Heart valve disease is when your heart’s valves have problems like hardened and restricted blood circulation and according to the American Heart Association, it affects 5 million Americans each year.

The most common symptom of this heart disease is shortened breath as well as vulnerability and whirling sensation. An annoyance in your chest may also be a symptom, for example when you experience it when going out in the cold temperature.

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