11 signs your man is tired of you

He used to be very cheerful with you, but he is not any more?This is an alarm signal. The easiest way to make a girl happy here and now is to make her laugh. If he is not trying to make you laugh, it means that he loses his interest to you.

There are more signs that you man is tired of you and wants to break up. Certainly, it is difficult to make, because, he might probably got used to you and does not want to get out of his comfort zone.

If you find his behavior weird, it might be a sign of his intentions to break up. We have collected the most typical signs. So, check them out and start paying attention to his behavior.

1. He is annoyed by your touching

If a man for some reason is going to break up with you right now, he won’t embrace and kiss you as if nothing happened. He will avoid touching you and your touches will annoy him.

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